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Pentacam is a rotating Scheimpflug camera (360 degrees) that takes images of the anterior eye segment.

This technique based on Scheimplug provides clear and great images including information ranging from the anterior corneal surface to the posterior capsule of the crystalline lens.

Pentacam is a 3D analyser of the anterior chamber, corneal pachymetre, elevation-based topographer and cataract analyser.

Pentacam estimates a 3D mathematical model of the anterior segment to provide the following information:

  • Anterior and posterior cornea topography and elevation maps.
  • Corneal aberrometry measurement.
  • Corneal pachymetry from limbus to limbus.
  • 3D camera analysis (ACD map, camera angle, camera volumen, etc.).
  • Density of crystalline lens or cataract (quantification of the crystalline and intraocular lens luminous transmission).
  • Tomography.
  • Improved intraocular lens estimation for patients after LASIK, PRK and RK.
  • Modification in intraocular pressure (IOP) due to the corneal thickness.


  1. Before and after refractive surgery.
  2. Before and after cataract surgery.
  3. Refractive phacoemulsification.
  4. Before and after anterior chamber phakic lens.
  5. Keratoconus.
  6. Corneal transplantation follow-up.
  7. Corneal rings.
  8. Patients with glaucoma (optic corneal thickness and extrapolation of IOP).
  9. Complications after refractive (ectasia, etc.).
  10. Show permeable iridectomies (measure angle and volumen of anterior chamber before and after iridectomy).
Estimation of refractive surgery intraocular lens (being able to accurately measure the central keratometry).